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The Do Right, Right Now campaign has ended as of August 31, 2021. Please check with your local health district or medical provider for current information on COVID-19.

what’s RIGHT 



Get VaccInated

It’s the best protection for you and your loved ones in the fight against COVID-19. For current vaccine information, find your local health district here.

Talk It Out

Feeling down? All of these changes and limitations can be stressful. Reach out to your loved ones. Support one another. Take note of your own mental health and call 1-888-866-8660 for support.

Get tested

If you have symptoms or a known exposure, get tested for COVID-19. Visit TestNebraska or your local health district or healthcare provider to schedule an appointment.

Wear A Mask

If you’re not vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask over your mouth and nose to protect yourself and those around you. Once you’re fully vaccinated, you can resume activities without wearing masks, except in places where it is mandated. Learn more here.