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National News | Statewide News | 02/19/21

DHHS Launches Campaign For Those Who Aren’t Sure They Will Get The Vaccine

NET Nebraska

As of Wednesday morning, 206,000 people in the state have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 6.2% of Nebraskans are fully vaccinated. That’s according to CEO of the Department of Health and Human Services Dannette Smith, who said the department has launched a new strategy for those who aren’t sure they will get the vaccine.

Finish Strong Nebraska is our campaign on just energizing everybody about the importance of the vaccination and why they need to get vaccinated,” she said. “As always, you can go to for information, but on that website is a special website that talks about vaccinations.”

Smith encourages people to visit to sign up for alerts as the department moves deeper into Phase 1B for those who are 18 to 64 with a high-risk medical condition.

She said the department estimates the general public will have access to vaccines in the next three to four months.